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P Eckerman (Tech Geek)

I'm known as the"Tech Geek". I love to nerd out about specs and numbers. Testing and tinkering with gadgets and appliances is what brings me joy.

Antarctic Star Space Heater Review

This electric fan heater is handy to warm small spaces. It operates with soft light and does not hurt eyes even in the dark. The base is broad and stable with two adjustment dials to regulate temperature. Instantly heats the area with an 800-Watt powerful motor. You can adjust the head angle two direct heat in any direction. With kids and pets, the heater needs to be kept a safe distance away. 

Amazon Basics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater Review

This cute little heater is perfect for a freezing office or study. We will like to use it in a dorm room also. It is available in funky colours which are pleasing and compliment the room decor. The price is justified and the function is amazing. Although it’s not very powerful in a closed limited area it can work within quickly to generate heat. The low voltage saves a lot of power and money. It looks nice sitting on your desktop and keeps you comfortable while working. 

CFMOUR Space Heater Review

This space heater is a lifesaver for declining temperature. It may take some time to warm bigger spaces like the lounge or living rooms but the heat is consistent. We really like the handy remote control that comes with this model. It allows you to customize the room temperature or set the heater on a timer before going to bed. It looks good and doesn't take up much space. It swivels to circulate heat around the room. 

Lasko CT16450 Small Portable 1500W Ceramic Space Heater Review

Like the other Lasko heaters, this one is also very promising and satisfying to use in cold weather. You can use it both indoors and outdoors and heat will be evenly distributed to all sitting around it. Tall slim design saves space and unlike the bulky heaters, it does not get in your way. The entire room is a heated hub in just 2- 3 minutes. The power isn't much for a spacious room but with this price, the performance is well justified keeping your bills significantly low. 

ASTERION Space Heater Review

If you want to save money on central heating then we recommend this well-built economical heater which allows you to warm up only the places you actually use. The heater won't cover a large area but in a closed space it works within seconds and creates a cozy environment. The base is heavy and stable and even if it knocks over the safety switch quickly shuts the system. The electric cord is long enough to reach remote outlets. 

Portable Electric Space Heater Review

There's no point heating the whole house when you are going to sit in one room only. Instead, use this small electric heater to save electricity. It will warm up your surroundings within minutes. There is a handy gravity switch on the heater which shuts it down if it tilts even a little bit. Although, it’s durability is not the best, the price is well justified with it’s strong heating capabilities. 

Andily Space Heater Review

Keep yourself warm in your chilly office or study room with this small personal heater. It puts out a great deal of heat compared to its size. A well-placed handle makes it easy to move from place to place. Instantly warms you with mild radiating heat. The heater is very cost-effective. It may not be very safe to use around kids but overall, we find the heater outstanding for warming up small areas. 

Amazon Basics 1500W Ceramic Personal Heater Review

Don't let the size of this heater fool you because the heat it produces is many times more than its size. It is easily portable and you can carry it anywhere you want to settle in the house to work peacefully or snug in on the couch while watching your favorite TV show. The heater can even be used in the bathroom or kitchen without having to worry about fire hazards. Sometimes it may give off a plastic smell. 

Mini Desk Heater Review

This mini heater can be your handy fellow, especially at your workplace. The heater is perfect to keep on desktops or under the desks to keep your fingers and feet from freezing off. Now you can work comfortably on your keyboard or paperwork without rubbing your fingers every now and then. The design is not very stylish but the heater exceeds expectations according to its size. Features the overheat and tip-over protection. 

Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater Review

This heater will be a useful investment especially if your newborn is having his first winters. Because the heater is super quiet and safe with automatic climate control. Forget the hassle of adjusting the temperature evry other hour.Moreover, it does not give direct hot air but warms the room with mild radiations. it won't even burn your hand because the machine shuts off before the surface gets too hot. Only there isn't an auto-timer.