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P Eckerman (Tech Geek)

I'm known as the"Tech Geek". I love to nerd out about specs and numbers. Testing and tinkering with gadgets and appliances is what brings me joy.

Comfort Zone CZ230ER Digital Fan-Forced Ceiling Mount Heater Review

Are you among those who dread the frosty winters and want their indoors to be warm and snug? Well, we think your solution lies with this super-strong 7500W digital heater. Though a bit expensive, the heater is capable to warm your entire living room and the area around. This model will also be perfect for shops and garages. The fan works quietly and the remote control is simple to use. 

Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater Review

Get yourself this wheeled, easy-to-move oil heat radiator to keep you and your family warm and comfortable during the chilly winters. Getting it together and fixing the wheels maybe a little tricky but once assembled the heater will make sure to keep the cold out. Safety is keenly checked with the auto-shut feature therefore, we are confident about this heater to be used with kids or pets. 

Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater Review

Here is another super slim and highly functional heater from Lasko. The heater fits into little spaces with barely taking any space and is also whisper quiet. There is a handle at the back to easily carry it without burning your hand. The display panel shows the temperature setting while the buttons are on the top making it easy to adjust settings without bending. You need to be careful while using it with extension cords as there is a risk of overloading and melting.

Portable Space Heater Review

This heater works well for its cost. The size is very small however, small spaces are affectively heated within some time. You can keep it safely on your desktop and enjoy the bone-warming radiation to keep you comfortable during work. It is safe to use with kids and pets because the heavy base does not allow it to tumble over easily and the emergency switch covers the fire hazard.

Ahsado Electric Space Heater Review

Speak of style, technology, and performance, this little heater will provide you with all. We love its unique hexagonal design which looks very funky on the bedside tables or in your living room. The design also prevents tumbling over. One other great feature here is that it automatically shuts off on overheating and starts blowing cool air which keeps the device safe. However, some may not like the cool air. It is nice to use it on your desktop to keep your fingers from the freezing of. 

Tectake Oil Filled Radiator Heater Review

The small size of this oil heating unit may give you doubt about its function. So, let us tell you that this little one can do some serious work with heating your place. Unlike the bigger oil heaters, this one is quite steady and consistent. The design is not very classy but the performance is notable. You can instantly assemble it within two snaps. You have a single adjustment dial within the on-off switch and no fancy knickknacks. 

Brightown 350W Space Heater Review

This little space heater will be perfect for spaces like a nursery, kitchen, or small offices and bedrooms. It's highly affordable as well. Although not very powerful yet with 350 watts power the  heating is good enough. It easily plugs into almost any switch and is whisper quiet. Using it in nurseries and kitchens is very practical so as not to make a noise or overheat or worry about fire hazards.  

Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater Review

The Lasko designer space heater comes in a unique classic design. It's difficult to recognize it as a heater in the first place. However, all this glamour does not compromise on the main purpose. The heater has a strong 1500-Watt ceramic element which is very efficient in heat production. It doesn't make any noise except those sharp button beepings while changing the settings. Though small in size it is capable to heat a normal-sized room in about half an hour. 

PELONIS NTH15-17BRA Portable Space Heater Review

The sleek, low-profile design of this heater is attractive and compliments your office or room decor. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Comes with a convenient remote control offering a wide range of heat settings between 40-95°. You will have to reset the thermostat every time you switch it on. The heater actually oscillates internally and evens out the heat throughout the space. Works well in spacious rooms also.