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P Eckerman (Tech Geek)

I'm known as the"Tech Geek". I love to nerd out about specs and numbers. Testing and tinkering with gadgets and appliances is what brings me joy.

Patio Heater Review

The slimmest your heater can ever get! This heater can be kept in the tiniest of corners without asking for huge spaces. It also works very well outdoors and is best to keep in front porches, on decks, or gardens. It does not consume tremendous energy like many other electric heaters. The power indicator light keeps blinking which can be bothering in dark. However, the heating function is just perfect. 

Portable Ceramic Heater Review

This heater will keep you company all through the year with its dual heat settings plus the natural fan mode. The strong thermostat heats up cold rooms instantly and the natural wind is nice and soothing after a cold bath. The size is small so you can keep it anywhere out of the way. The heating is much strong as compared to the size but works well only for smaller rooms. 

Atomi Smart WiFi Portable Tabletop Space Heater Review

For smart Wi-Fi-enabled space heaters, this one is among the most affordable models. The heater has a modish design and does not take up much space. The heater is much quieter and gives a strong heat output. You can connect it to your Android or iPhone and control the settings with just a click. The app also shows the current temperature and notifies you when we desired temperature is achieved. The flat buttons can be a bit tricky to fiddle with. 

HOME_CHOICE Small Ceramic Space Heater Review

This small package comes with big heat. The heater is easily portable, safe, and fast. Not very effective in sizable rooms but the heat is powerful and consistent. You get a high and low thermostat function and also a fan mode which produces very pleasant and mild warm air. The adjustment knobs come with complete labels. If it accidentally tips over it will immediately shut off to prevent potential damage. 

Atomi Smart WiFi Portable Tower Space Heater Review

This is a smart heater for modern times with high-tech advancements. The very first thing which gets us excited about this heater is the smart app control which allows you to run the heater from practically anywhere. Now a warm, cozy apartment will welcome you when you get back from work.It connects with the Alexa and you just need to tell it, “Alexa turn on the heater”. And yes, it is that simple. Only the fan is not completely soundless. 

AUZKIN Mini Desk Space Heater Review

Imagine entering your freezing apartment and get instantly warmed up with this little heating thing. Well, Auzkin mini heater is just the thing you need. It starts producing heat within 2 seconds of switching on and keeps working noiselessly with even heat distribution. It's interesting that you can place it either horizontally or vertically as per your convenience. Also saves space in your room. It may not work very effectively in large areas. 

Lasko 5165 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater Review

Although small in size this heater is capable to warm up even larger rooms. You won't regret funding for this smart heater and it will keep you comfy throughout the winters. Does not easily blowups and melts as with many other models. It shuts off around 2 degrees above the set temperature and automatically kicks back to life when the temperature cools. The beeping sound while changing the settings can be a bit bothering but overall, the heater features all necessary requirements. 

Lasko 5775 Electric 1500W Ceramic Space Heater Review

This is among the slimmest heater model and one of the most space-consuming designs. Also, the heater is lightweight and has an inbuilt handle to carry it around the house. It is the perfect solution to uneven heating and has a nice oscillating thermostat. The thermostat may not work well at a low power setting but overall, the heat is moderate. We like its tall design and easy-to-assess digital controls on the top so you don't have to bend over. 

PELONIS Oil Filled Radiator Heater Review

This item is well-built with many amazing features. It is a worthy investment and you can get rid of hefty electricity bills cost on central heating. It can warm up a large area and works well for long hours. Moreover, wheels on all four sides make it very easy to move around the place without burning yourself from the hot exterior. The timer works well and the remote control helps to regulate settings from a distance.